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Employee Spotlight: Luke Hawkins

How would you describe your role at RII?

How I would describe my role depends on the day. As an Ops Lead, bringing new tech to the UK is great fun and it’s awesome to witness the reactions of personnel who see it and immediately get it. As a scientist, I love nerding out with colleagues from across Defence and helping them improve what they do now to have an immediate impact.


What did you do before joining RII?

Before RII, I worked at the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL). I was the lead researcher in our program for joint effects and influence, focusing on policy and permissions of Information Activities and trying to bring forward change that meant operators could operate. I was a scientific advisor to many commands over the years. Red teaming and systems thinking were particular favorites of mine; working closely with the military to understand what they needed and then acting on that. I also led a lot of research around Information Environment Analysis & Operational Assessment and I still get called upon today to support in those fields.


How do you leverage your background in behavioral science in your current role?

Context. Our platform is incredible and when you add operational context, it really stands out amongst other tools. My background and knowledge of operations enables me to apply context and meaning to teaching how to use RII’s Collaborative Mission Manager (CMM) tool—going above and beyond buttonology. The social and behavioral science aspects allow me to support and advise the military on their planning efforts. Most prominently in the development of their assessment frameworks before, during, and after an operation from a unique perspective. An understanding of social theory, social change, and behavioral change enables me to apply scientific practice to military problems.


What do you love most about working at RII?

The challenge. The actual impact—the real world impact we are having on our users. I also love the community of RII.




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