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Reimagining national 

security solutions

We create RIIdiculously Awesome solutions that make the world safer.


Research Innovations - or as we call it, RII - is redefining what it means to work in national security technology. We believe in the power of government-industry relationships and together with our customers are leading its digital transformation. We're breaking through the big, slow status quo with transformative technology that fundamentally changes and improves the world.

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We partner with customers to create solutions together.

RII brings together operational experts and technologists to produce focused solutions to our customers’ most challenging problems for information, cyber, and data analytics.  We have deep technical expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, cyber technology, mobile applications, and advanced collaboration and visualization solutions. Our solutions support customers globally from the highest strategic levels to the tactical edge.


Archimedes claimed that with a long enough lever and a place to stand, he could move the world.

Conveniently enough, RII provides both levers and places to stand so that motivated people can move the world. We hire the inquisitive problem solvers who have been taking things apart and rebuilding them since grade school. We empower them with the tools and teammates they need so that they can be curious, creative, and attack the challenges that drive us every day.

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