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Culture & Community

We let our geek flags fly

You can’t do your best work if you can’t be yourself, and we all learn new things when people share their passions with others. At RII, we encourage and support one another in our work and in embracing our inner oddballs.

In bringing together world-class subject matter experts and engineers, we must have a culture that fosters building relationships, asking questions, and suggesting crazy things that just might result in something magical.

The stronger and more successful our communities are, the stronger and more successful we are as a company.

Community Shenanigans

Organically-grown initiatives like our annual Onesie Tuesday mark special holidays for RIIsearchers.  Onesies not your thing? Start your own interest group or join in any of the community shenanigans we’ve always got going on.

External Community Engagement

Some people rock the casbah; we grok our customers. Whether that means supporting the local tech scene, working closely with our end users, or supporting military veterans and their families, we are all in.

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