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RII in the UK

Research Innovations Inc in the United Kingdom

RII’s work in the UK directly supports the UK Defence’s transformative strategy to become more agile, responsive, and able to act in an integrated way. 


RII works collaboratively with customers at UK Strategic Command and the British Army's Information Activities and Operations Program to deliver innovative technologies that inherently support Multi-Domain Integration, operations in the information environment, and globally integrated operations.


Meet The Team

From information operations to behavioural science and integrated operations, RII’s team
in the UK is made up of individuals with deep domain expertise. Working alongside UK Defence, our team delivers solutions that solve our customers toughest challenges.


At Research Innovations, we pride ourselves on being a fun and quirky community that likes to wear onesies, but we are also dedicated to harnessing our unique talents and passions to create RIIdiculously Awesome solutions that make the world safer. We are always looking for talented people to join our team!

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