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Core Values

In discovering our core values, we captured who and what we are rather than writing aspirational statements that don’t ring true. The following six core values guide us in choosing work, hiring teammates, recognizing success, and making decisions large and small.

6 Square - Stay Human.png
Stay human

We’re a company and a community.

We care about each other and help one another succeed.

5 Square - Geek Flag.png
Let your Geek Flag fly

We cherish uniqueness. We are comfortable being ourselves and fully appreciate one another for who we are. In our diverse and inclusive culture, our passions and creativity thrive.

4 Square - Learn Share Innovate.png
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The world evolves and so do we. We build on past problem-solving successes and failures by continually learning fast, thinking deeply, sharing our knowledge, and innovating.

2 Square - Grok Customer Success.png
Grok customer success, co-create the solution

We earn our customer’s trust by understanding their vision of success and helping them achieve it. We gain a deep understanding of our customer’s mission and challenges, and collaborate with them to deliver RIIdiculously Awesome solutions.

Do Things Worth Doing
Do things worth doing

Life is short and time is precious. We use our talents and passions to change the status quo and make a real impact, wherever we’re operating.

3 Square - Get Shit Done.png
Get s#!t done

Running hard doesn’t get you anywhere if you’re on a mouse wheel. Focus on execution, cut bureaucracy wherever possible, and empower people to make decisions so that we can quickly achieve our objectives.

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