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In the early 1900s, American sculptor Louis Saint-Gaudens designed and installed 36 Roman legionnaire statues that line the balcony level of Union Station’s Main Hall. The Legionnaires are modeled after ancient Roman soldiers and are a protective force to all who travel through the station. 


If you look above the entrance from Main Hall into East Hall, we’ve added our own RIIgionnaires! To recognize some of the locations where RII people live and work, custom Caticii representing different places around the globe join the Roman legionnaire statues of Union Station. Keep scrolling to learn more about the location each RIIgionnaire represents:



Oklahoma is where you'll find Fort Sill, which houses the US Army Fires Center of Excellence. Oklahomans are known to brag about their bison. And rattlesnakes.  


DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia)

The “DMV” is home to RII’s headquarters office, many teammates, and customers.


New Jersey

If you look closely, you'll see Caticus shedding a tear for all the sad NY Jets fans.


New England

Fortunately this is a real patriot, not a "New England Patriot" :D

RII has folks in the northeast from New Hampshire to Boston, which isn't actually that far, but we're proud of our hardy northern brethren. 



Team Canada is one of our oldest and most storied teams. They've kept a critically important relationship going strong since 2011. Team Canada is still growing, and we're glad our new colleagues can join us tonight.



RII has integration staff embedded at USAFRICOM and USEUCOM in Stuttgart. Our Germany contingent also provides RII with an avenue for streamlined coordination between our UK portfolio; they also support Oktoberfest integration.



They take their slopes and green chiles very seriously. The RII Colorado crew continues to grow and gets together for regular happy hours!


South Korea

RII has several subject matter experts in geospatial engineering and JADOCS deployed in support of the United States Forces - Korea (USFK).

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