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Chief Strategy Officer

Nick Woodruff
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Nick Woodruff is the Chief Strategy Officer of Research Innovations Inc. (RII), charged with the development of partnerships, both domestic and internationally, and the leadership of select strategic initiatives in pursuit of global impact. Through his growing network, Nick is helping to evolve RII's ability to quickly engage and fundamentally change the decision making processes of the American and allied defense infrastructures through rapidly developed and fielded technical capabilities.

Prior to his tenure at RII, he served in uniform for 14 years in various organizations within U.S. Special Operations Command, including deployments across the globe. The vast majority of his time in Special Operations was spent as a professional in Information and Unconventional Warfare, often working in terrain and against adversaries largely immune to traditional means of shaping and influence. Through this, he built a significant corpus of experience in and understanding of the challenges facing military forces globally.


Nick brings a wealth of real-world tactical, operational, and strategic military expertise to RII, ensuring that operational realities are fully considered in the development of RII’s technologies. He holds a degree in business administration and organizational change and has undergone executive leadership training at Stanford, the University of Charleston, and Joint Special Operations University.

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