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Employee Spotlight: Doug Hopler

How would you describe your role at RII?

I am the Product Owner for our IMPACT product and a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Army Command and Control. My job is to make sure we develop software that meets the needs of our users; and to ensure that our RII engineers and developers understand those needs and the challenges of the people who use our software. Lastly, I lead a team that helps those same users get the most of the software we deliver.


What did you do before joining RII?

I have about a decade of experience working on Army tactical Command and Control systems, and most recently was conducting research and development on mobile command post systems. I have also served as a Communications/IT officer as a member of the Army Reserve for the past 20 years.


Who or what inspired you to join the Army Reserve and continue to pursue a career in national security?

I joined the Army on a full-time basis right out of college and began a career in the Army Reserve a number of years later. I have always felt a desire to serve the United States and my fellow countrymen and women. I spent some time in other industries, but eventually realized the value I feel from working in national security and knowing that my work has real, tangible meaning outside of traditional measures, like sales or profits.


What do you love most about working at RII?

I most appreciate the culture at RII. All companies talk about valuing their employees, but RII actually backs it up. And this is no accident. It is the result of a lot of people committed to creating a great environment to work in; and this has become a key part of the culture, which means it is sustainable and pervasive.




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