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RII’s core purpose is creating RIIdiculously Awesome solutions that make the world safer.  We do this by working in close collaboration with our customers. We understand their challenges and work with them to conceive the right technology solution for their needs.  We have a relentless focus on using technology to solve operational problems.

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Command & Control

Products in support of Joint Command and Control from global integration to multi-domain C2 integrating cyber, information, and kinetic effects from the highest levels to the tactical edge

Multi-Domain Operations

We provide flexible, scalable solutions for collaboration and coordination across domains  (land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace), from tactical, to operational, and strategic levels, globally

Big Data & Cloud Computing

We enable enterprise-scale solutions in secure Cloud architectures enabling Big Data capabilities

Full-Stack Engineering

Our engineers are capable throughout the stack, from the operating system and the database and back end all the way to visualization and clients for mobile and web platforms

Mobile Development

Cutting-edge mobile apps and frameworks to provide game-changing solutions at the tactical edge

Advanced Cyber Engineering

We solve challenging problems related to embedded-level software development, network protocols, RF interfaces, reverse engineering, vulnerability research, and computer network operations

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We expand and apply the latest research in deep learning and natural language processing to magnify the user's ability to integrate, correlate, and sift vast amounts of information relevant to their mission


Our rapidly configurable analytics toolkit augments the user to discover mission-critical insights across multiple information domains

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