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RIImembering the Good Times at NCMA World Congress

Our Senior RIIsearcher and sometimes blog editor, Caticus, asked some insightful questions of our contracts teammates while editing their blog post. We thought we'd give you a special peek at some of the comments that were exchanged in our Google doc draft. Enjoy this exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at our blog process.

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The 2021 National Contract Management Association (NCMA) World Congress was recently held in Denver, CO, and Research Innovations’ (RII) contracts managers, Ryan Keller and Natalie Smith, knew this was something they couldn’t miss. So, they hopped on a plane and attended their first in-person conference in over a year (hurrah!) where they listened to a wide range of perspectives shared by professionals in government, industry, and academia.

A special thanks to NCMA CEO, Kraig Conrad, and our very own Michelle Adams for their contributions to this blog! Keep reading, as Ryan and Natalie reminisce on their RIIdiculously Awesome® experience at NCMA World Congress.



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